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JellyJar is a network for freelancers/self-employed people who all maintain a high level of excellence in their work involving experiences for people through television, films, music, festivals, theatre, culture, sports and events - everything that is included in what we call the experience industry. The network is based in Malmö and is the first of its kind in southern Sweden.

The purpose of the network is to create a base of highly competent personnel where you, as a customer, can quickly find "the right person for the right occasion". Additionally, depending on the assignment, you will reap the benefits of a smaller or larger closely knit team working towards a common goal, not just caring about their own individual tasks.   The members of this network are some of the most experienced and respected professionals within their individual fields, having been frequently engaged for many years by customers with high requirements for assignments all over the world.

To become a member of this network one must meet the criteria with regard to a high level of competence, both professionally as well as socially, be properly insured and trained and on those occasions where a certain type of assignment requires it also have the correct license.  All the members of JellyJar are registered business owners and meet the criteria determined by the Swedish authorities.  When you engage members of JellyJar you may rest assured that you will be receiving personnel who do everything to ensure reliable implementation of the project with regard to both the employer as well as the end customer.

JellyJar gives you the advantages of a large organisation while keeping the flexibility of the individual freelance technician and also provides power in cooperation, the coordination of resources, inspiration and sharing of knowledge.  This is part of the network's strength and its responsibility to you as a customer. You can read more about us and our projects under the Members tab.
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